How to create a blocked time

OK, so your default opening hours are now just as you want them to be.

But how do you block out weekends, vacations, lunch and other times where you are not available to work?

The answer: you create blocked times!

Creating blocked times

To create a blocked time, you simply select where you want the blocked time to start (just as when you are creating appointments), and then click the "Create blocked time" button instead of starting to type in client-info.

From there, you can control the blocked time length, add a description, repetition and even create the same blocked time for other staff members. 

Take a look at the video for more details, or simply check out our in-depth article on blocked times by clicking here

Why blocked times are powerful

This simple tool gives you a lot of flexibility to control your days. Let's take a look at some examples: 
  1. If you're taking a vacation, simply create a blocked time that repeats every day until you come back home. 
  2. If you work at another location every other week, just create a blocked time that repeats every other week on all weekdays. 
  3. If you don't accept appointments during Sundays, just create a all-day blocked time on Sundays that repeat every week.
You are in complete control. You can even choose to book appointments over blocked times if you ever want to squeeze someone in (like family members). 

Check out the video for a special trick.