Calendar basics

Welcome to your new home - the calendar! 

The calendar is the home of your appointments. It's probably where you'll spend most of your time inside of Noona HQ. 

It's simple but powerful. In this guide, we'll go over some tips and tricks that help you get the most out of your calendar experience.

Shall we get going? 

Staff view & weekly view

To begin with, you can view your calendar in two different views: 

The staff view is where you can see all the appointments for all your coworkers one day at a time. 

The week view is where you can see all of your appointments one week at a time. 

Switching between the two is easy as pie. I'll show you how in the video here to your left 

Moving between dates

There are two ways for you to move between dates: 

The arrows - if you want to see the next day/week, use the arrows in the top left corner. 

The calendar - The calendar is a great choice if you want to check your availability for a specific date, or if you want to book a customer fast that's asking for an appointment in four weeks.

And remember, you can always find your way to the present by clicking today as I do in the video to your left.

Understanding the colors

Appointments can have different colors. The color each appointment gets is based on the color of the service. 

You can decide what service appointments have which colors by going to Services and editing each service. 

But some appointments can also be grey with an orange border. These appointments are online booking requests made by customers that have yet to be accepted or denied. 

You'll only encounter these grey appointments if you allow online bookings. 

Right-click magic

If you right-click on appointments straight on the calendar, you can access key features fast. 

1. You can mark the attendance status of the appointment. This will be saved in the client's history. 
2. You can move the appointment.
3. You can copy the appointment and paste it - like shown in the video here to your left. 

Understanding the Icons

There are a few icons that can tell you a lot about your appointments at a glance. 

In the picture to your left you can see them circled by different coloured circles. Let's go through them one by one from right to left. 

Chat bubble - This appointment has a note. You can hover over your appointment or open it to see the appointment note.

Checkmark - This appointment has already been paid for. Can only be seen by users of our Point of Sale.

Green sticker - This customer showed up to his appointment. This sticker can also be yellow for no-shows or blue for appointments that were cancelled.

Star - This appointment has been marked as a "starred appointment" by one of the staff. You can decide what it means to your business! 

Hamburger - Click and hold this button to move your appointment.

Blocked times

Blocked times are the black boxes you see in the picture here to your left. 

They indicate that a staff member isn't available during these hours. Also, customers cannot make online booking requests over blocked times. 

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